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How Successful Business Entrepreneurs Structure their Lives around Calendar

The morning rush

It’s 7 am on Monday morning and you energetically make your way through the rush hour traffic to start the day with an important conference call; when you reach office you realize there is an unscheduled external visitor waiting for you plus you see your strategic team members needing a quick consultation … post successfully juggling all three now you receive a call from your investor for a meeting at their office, and when you are about to leave your senior accountant walks in with an important banker for a quick coffee…

Is juggling meetings and multi-tasking regular for you or does this seem exaggerated?

Smart entrepreneurs opt for tools that help them quickly re-organize their days and plan in a way that will give them space to focus on things that matter to their business the most.

For such entrepreneurs, a digital calendar linked with email is a must for their business.

A quick peek on how, you the smart entrepreneurs can use the calendar to monetize your time:

  • Single view to review how busy is your day; easy access to add more to your busy week or month so you can juggle your dynamic work schedule.
  • Receive meeting requests that you can accept, decline or mark as tentative.
  • Easily set up meeting for a comfortable time. Invite the people required, without having to remember their email addresses.
  • Get to know when the invitees act on the meeting request and accordingly reschedule if required.
  • Your calendar always comes handy on your mobile and it is synced all the time. Use it even if you are not connected to Internet.
  • Get reminded about the meeting before time on the device you use.
  • All this can be done by some one else on your behalf, say your secretary.

Rediffmail Pro brings you its Calendar carved for entrepreneurs to meet their business needs on both PC and Mobile; it is integrated with your email service so that your schedule and business communication can go hand in hand.

Entrepreneurs, who believe efficiency is an asset, will surely find value in being organized.

Calendar is used to organize & plan day-to-day working, manage events; and get reminders across devices.

Day or week or monthly views integrated with your email.

At the end of the day, there is nothing comparable to the satisfaction of a fruitful day, reading the book you were looking forward to while you sip your coffee.

By Jeevanand

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