What is Domain Forwarding (CNAME) and how do I forward my domain?

Domain forwarding service is a free service at Rediffmail Pro. The domain forward feature lets you point your domain name to another home page or web site location and keep track of all your customers. This is used when you have registered a number of similar domain names but you want to have the same website for all domain names. Let's say your main site/domain name is MYSITE.COM. Your strategy may also be to register the names:




and have all these names go to your MYSITE.COM website. This theory assumes that your MAIN domain name might not be remembered correctly so you might as well get hits for all the domain names.

When using domain name forwarding, the address of the site that your domain name is forwarded to is NOT shown. For instance, if you have the domain name MYNEWSITE.COM forwarded to MYSITE.COM, the web browser will NOT show references to MYSITE.COM.

To forward your domain

Login to your Rediffmail Pro control panel. Once you've signed in you will be taken to your Account(s) Summary page

Click on 'manage your domain'

Click on 'edit' under Domain forwarding (C Name Records)

Click on 'Add Record' key in the aliases and the host server information and click on Save changes

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