How do I change the name servers for my domain name?

Replacing Rediff's Name Servers with others could render many of your services inactive. Changing your Name Servers will not automatically cancel your service. You will continue to manage your WHOIS contact information through Rediff and Rediff will continue to renew your annual domain registration.

If you would like to proceed with the change, you can click on 'manage domain' on the Account(s) Summary page for the domain name whose name server information you wish to modify.

To change Name Servers:

Click on 'edit' below Name server mapping on 'manage your domain' page.

Replace the existing nameserver hostnames with the nameserver hostnames of your new domain name host on the name server update page.

Note: It may not be necessary to enter the IP addresses of the Name Servers. In most cases only the host name of the Name Servers is necessary.

Click on 'Save changes'

While your changes will appear in your Name Servers within minutes, please be aware that it can take 24-48 hours for changes to records to be propagated to all Name Servers throughout the Internet.

If you would like to restore your Name Servers to their default setting, you can Click on 'edit' below Name Server Mapping on 'Manage Your Domain' page.

Delete the nameserver hostnames of your new domain name host you keyed in The system will automatically take in the default Rediff nameserver hostnames.

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