How do I set an A record?

Sign in to your Rediffmail Pro control panel. Once signed in you will see modules for each of your domain names.

From the My Account(s) Summary page, click on Manage domain for the domain whose A records you wish to modify.

Click on edit below Domain Assigning on the Manage your domain page.

Click on 'Add New Record'.

Enter the prefix to define the host name (e.g., the prefix for '' is 'host') into Host field.

Enter a destination IP address in the Numeric IP field.

Click on Save Changes.

You return to the Domain Assigning page and your new A record will appear in the list of A records. While your changes will appear in your Name Servers within minutes, please be aware that it can take 24-48 hours for new records to be propagated to all Name Servers throught the Internet.

Note: We allow you to create multiple A records for the same hostname. Sometimes this is used for a strategy commonly referred to as round robin. If you don't wish to create round robin A records, delete the records you don't want.

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