Step 1:

Click on ‘Tools’ from the menu and select accounts.

Step 2:

Now click ‘Add’ and select ‘Mail’.

Step 3:

Enter the name that you would like to appear for people receiving your email.

Step 4:

Enter your complete RediffmailPro email id.

Step 5:

  • Select POP3
  • Enter
  • Enter

Step 6:

Enter your complete RediffmailPro email id again.
Enter the password for your RediffmailPro email id.

Step 7:

Click ‘Finish’.

Step 8:

  • Highlight the email id that you have just added to Oulook Express by selecting it from the list here. It is generally displayed are
  • Now click Properties

Step 9:

Select the tab ‘Servers’.

Step 10:

Select the option ‘My Server requires authentication’.
Now select the tab ‘Advanced’ on top.

Step 11:

Change ‘Outgoing mail(SMTP)’ from ‘25’ to ‘587’.

Step 12:

Select the option ‘Leave of copy of messages on server’.
Then select the option ‘Remove from server after (5) days’.
Now click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

Step 13:

Click ‘Close’.
Configuration is complete. You can now send or received email from your Outlook Express!.