Why should I choose Rediffmail Pro over others?

Rediffmail Pro comes to you from Rediffmail, so you benefit from superior technology, expertise and infrastructure no other company in India can offer.

The Rediffmail system with millions of satisfied users is India's favorite email service. Therefore, with Rediffmail Pro you can expect the same reliability and scalability, no matter how fast your business grows.

Your business email systems are monitored round the clock, to ensure your mail is always available to you.

Better Features
Rediffmail Pro offers you a bundle of powerful features like multiple email IDs, POP3 access, bigger storage, 20 MB attachment limit, anywhere web access and virus scan to help you and your employees communicate better.

It's lightning fast. After all Rediffmail Pro comes to you from Rediffmail!

Our trained support staff helps you deal with any questions you may have - before or after - signing up for your Rediffmail Pro account.

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