Email Security is a Top Priority for all Businesses.

Rediff as your reliable Email Service provider is always working to monitor & enhace the security measures to ensure your email is secured. In a world where there are instant changes & Increase in Access Points, the businesses will also need to keep upgrading their IT security measures

Rediff Enterprise Solutions has some advanced Security Features, which can be applied as per your company IT policy

Password Policy - Always recommended to change password of all accounts on regular basis

  • You can set Password Expiry period for 15-30-45 days.
  • User will get an alert of expiry & should change password, incase he is unable to do so IT team can reset password from admin panel.

Mail Access Restriction:

  • Enterprise version has Mail Access Restriction feature allowing administrator to control users access to mails through multiple settings.
  • Restricting users from accessing mails with reference of protocol i.e POP/SMTP/IMAP/WEB.
  • Restricting users to access mails only from allowed network/IP.

Incoming And Outgoing Attachment Restrictions:

  • It can be set through Admin login>> Other Services.
  • Admin can block sending/receiving of unwanted/suspisciuos attachments like exe,cab, etc, On applying restrictions, user will not recieve/sent mails of similar attachments.

Incoming And Outgoing Mail Restrictions:

  • It can be set through Admin login>> Domain Level Management.
  • Admin can restrict incoming/outgoing of mails from/to unwanted domains, Once the restrictions are applied, the User will no more be able to receive mails matching the conditions specified by you.
    • Choose restriction type.
    • Type email id or domain name. e.g. or

Disable Auto-Forward:

  • It can be set through Admin login>> Domain Level Management.
  • Admin has an option to disable auto-forwards to all or required users.

Monitor Auto-Forward:

  • It can be checked through Admin Login >> Other Services.
  • Admin can check Auto-forwards set by user.

Two Factor Authentication:

  • The two factor authentication is enforced on all the users having valid mobile numbers by default.
  • Every user with valid mobile number will be challenged with extra authentication in form of mobile code while logging in to webmail.
  • TFA is also triggered when user changes his password, change the password recovory info or sets an auto forward to his account..

Mentioned Features to a larger extent will help prevent cases occuring due to spam/compromised accounts, Other than this it is also noticed that the access/compromise can be through local network to the company via their machine , desktop, laptop or device which may be infected by a Keylogger, Malware, Spyware or another virus.

Some Recommendations to Manage IT security within your company & for your users:

  • Update all PCs on your LAN with latest service packs/security patches (This can be downloaded from respective OS website e.g for windows)
  • Educate user to Never subscribe- free newsletter, marketing mails or any unknown link using thier official id
  • Educate users to not open any mails/attachments sent by Unknown Senders & also not visit any unknown websites as they may affect the user machines without his knowledge
  • Educate users to not access mails from any open/unknown networks especially WIFI networks or cyber cafes

We are sure implementing advanced features & following IT policies mentioned will help in keeping your Email Secured

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