Why is my file being denied?

Your file may be denied for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The file type is not supported.
  • The file size is too large.
  • The name of your file is invalid.
Here are some things to check before you post the file again:
  • Please check if your file type is supported.
  • Our FTP servers also check to see if the file being uploaded has the correct file extension. If you have a .bmp image and simply change the file extension to that of .gif or .jpg, our servers are setup to deny it. To convert a .bmp image to a .gif or .jpg image, you'll need to use an image-editing program. An evaluation copy of Paint Shop Pro is available at:
We suggest that you try to keep your file sizes under 2MB per file. This will also decrease the time it takes for your visitors to view your files.

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