Step 1:

To access the File Manager, log in to your Plesk Control Panel.


Step 2:

Click on ‘File Manager’ icon.


Step 3:

This shows your website’s directory structure.
Generally, files to be viewed by users are placed in the ‘httpdocs’ directory.
Click on ‘httpdocs’.


Step 4:

Click on ‘Add new file’.


Step 5:

Important: Select ‘upload file’. This is not selected by default.
Now click ‘Browse’.


Step 6:

Choose the file on your PC that has to be uploaded.
Click open.


Step 7:

Click ‘OK’.


Step 8:

Look for message ‘File was created’.


Step 9:

Scroll down the window and you will find the file that you have uploaded.
Logout of Plesk Control Panel after you have completed uploading all the files.