Step 1:

Open FileZilla on your PC.

Step 2:

Enter hostname, username and password. Leave ‘port’ as blank. Click on ‘Quickconnect’.

Step 3:

Look for the status ‘Directory listing successful’
This section displays the directory structure of your website on the server.
This section displays the directory structure on your PC.

Step 4:

Select the folder on your PC where you have placed the files to be uploaded.

Step 5:

Select the directory on the server where you wish to upload your files.
Generally, files that are to be viewed by your website users are placed in the ‘httpdocs’ directory.
Double click the directory to open.

Step 6:

This displays the list of all directories and files in the directory you selected previously. Point your mouse to the folder on top (..) and right-click. Now select ‘create directory’.

Step 7:

Here, you can create a new directory in the ‘httpdocs’ directory. If you do not wish to create a new directory but upload the files to the current directory, skip to step 10.

Step 8:

Enter the name of the new directory that you wish to create. Click ‘OK’.

Step 9:

Your new directory is now created. Double click the new directory to open.

Step 10:

Now select the files on your PC and right-click on your mouse. Click on ‘Upload’.

Step 11:

The files that you have selected are now uploaded to the new directory.

Step 12:

Once you are done with uploading your files, select ‘server’ and click on ‘disconnect’

Step 13:

Look for ‘Disconnected from server’ and close FileZilla.