How will Rediffmail Pro’s website help my small business?

To compete in today's market it is essential for every business to have an online presence. If you are a small business, a website, even a small one will attract new business and keep your existing customer's updated, allow them to communicate directly with you and give you that advantage over your competition.


  • Easy to Setup:
    You don't have to hire a professional web designer to setup and design your website or to setup emails for your business. You can do it yourself in just few minutes.
  • Customize website template:
    You can change the look and feel of the website anytime you want. You can change background image, theme colors, menu text color with just a one click.
  • Easy to manage:
    You can make changes to your website whenever you want and any number of times you want. You can easily upload videos, photos, new products and services, company description etc. Managing your email accounts is also very simple. You can easily add, delete email accounts, change their passwords, define email policies, etc
  • 25 GB storage:
    Get 25GB storage space per email account which essentially means you don't have to delete any of your mails ever.
  • Sell products online:
    You can upgrade your website to sell your products online. You can reach to customers in more than 25000 towns in India with complete logistics support from Rediff
  • Generate online inquiries:
    If your customer likes any of your products showcased on website, he can send an enquiry for the same. You will immediately receive a email specifying the details of customer and product he is interested in.
  • Mobile ready and SEO compliant website:
    Your website is specially designed for mobile access. Your customers can easily visit your website on any internet enabled mobile. It is also SEO compliant so that you customers can search you online.
  • Mobile mail with NO data charges*:
    Access your mails on mobile without having to pay any data charges to your operator for any number of mails you send and receive. Rediffmail NG mobile application works 90% of phones including symbian, android, J2ME or Mediatek phones. You can also access your mails even when you are not connected to internet.

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