Steps to set up Rediffmail Enterprise Mailing for your domain

  • I have purchased Rediffmail Enterprise Mailing Solutions, How do I Start now??

    To start using Rediffmail Mailing Solutions, please refer to our Welcome Mail.

    Basic Step is to

    • Create Users
    • Change A & MX records of your domain to Rediffmail Servers in your current DNS Hosts
  • Change DNS records: Set up A & MX records

    To activate Rediffmail Enterprise Mailing, your domain's MX records must be pointing to Rediffmail servers. You can add/Manage MX records using the control panel given by your domain host or hosting provider (wherever your current DNS is pointing). Below Mentioned are some of the identified hosts & steps required for MX changes, if you are not sure of your current DNS provider then check same through whois lookup

  • What are Rediff MX records

    • Point the MX records of your domain to with Preference/Priority = 10
    • You can create this MX record in your current DNS Host provider as explained in point above
  • How do I access my mails on Webmail

    To access webmail, kindly create a sub domain which is mentioned in your Welcome Mail

    • Create Sub Domain
    • Point A record to the IP: for eg: –
    You can create this A record in your current DNS Host provider.

  • I Do not want to change A & MX record as of now BUT need admin panel to create users

    For this you need to make changes in your local machine Host file, if you want to login to your administrative ID before changing MX record or creating sub-domain

    Also video tutorial available below.( Best viewed in 360px )

  • How to I add users (Single & Bulk)

    • Go to the 'Admin' link at the top of your navigation menu.
    • Select 'Single user management' section and click 'Add user'.Fill the form & user will be added sucessfully
    Adding Bulk Users:
    You can also select 'Bulk user management' to add large number of user at a time. Please refer to Bulk user addition guide before adding users in BULK.

    Also video tutorial available below.( Best viewed in 360px )

  • My Admin Page is not opening after changing A & MX records

    You need to allow upto 24 hrs after you have changed DNS (A & MX records)

    kindly refer to DNS Propogation for industry standards on DNS changes & timelines

  • Admin Page showing “Site under construction”

    This means the order process at our end is not yet completed successfully, kindly allow maximum 24 hours. Once the order process is completed successfully Admin Page will show login credentials

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