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On Premise vs Cloud Email

Email is considered a mission-critical system in almost all organizations that employ email and to host emails on-premise or in a cloud solution is perennial debate.

The table below summarizes the most common advantages and disadvantages of both the solution:

On premise Cloud email Solution
Control over system and data Low cost of ownership
Feature rich solution No infrastructure requirements
Customization according to business needs IT Team can focus on core projects
Reuse of existing infrastructure No maintenance cost
Infrastrcture not shared with others Can scale up easily

Hybrid solution

Hybrid solution combines best of both on-premise as well as cloud mailing solution. You can host few users on on-premise and rest all of the users on Rediffmail Pro platform.

Typically in an organization, top executives would require email solution with advanced features like access to emails, contacts and calendar on mobile devices while other users would just need a basic email facility.

Benefits of hybrid solution:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Pay for what you use
  3. Ancillary services
  4. Phased migration

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