Starting up a new business? Startup: Buy Email Online Rediffmail for Work is a business email solution for small to enterprise scale businesses. Get fast and secure webmail for your business domain, and pick from features like file sharing, video conferencing, messaging and many more. Get yourname@company email ids for your business. Monthly prices starting @23/ID.( Rs. 22.5 x 1 user x 12 months = Rs. 270 per year. Domain prices excluded )

Startup: Buy Email Online

Features of Rediffmail for Work for Startups

Enterprise grade security

Stay protected from spam and phishing emails. Protect your team from fraud with Rediffmail for Work's phishing warnings.

Ad-free emails

Send and receive emails in complete privacy from advertising. Rediffmail for Work does not show ads.

Easy Setup

Start sending emails from your business id in minutes. Setting up Rediffmail for Work does not require technical expertise.


Start with as few as one user, add more as you grow. Buying additional users and space on Rediffmail for Work is really simple.

Stay connected on the go

Send and receive emails from the computer or from your smartphones. Rediffmail for Work is available on web, android and iOS.

Customer Support

Have all your queries answered by technical customer support at Rediffmail for Work.

Set up Rediffmail for Work in minutes Getting Started with Rediffmail for Work is really simple.

Get Started

If you'd like to know more about Rediffmail for Work you can contact us here.

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