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The Rediffmail spam control system is like a funnel, which filters out unwanted messages at various stages and delivers only the good messages to the user's mailbox.

Here is a list of the different modules in the Rediffmail spam control system:

  • IP based filtering
  • Domain Signatures / RDNS and Fake NDR filters
  • Content based filtering
  • Reputation based filtering

With Reddimail Enterprise get industry standards for Spam, Virus & fraud detection like - SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Multi-layered spam protection, virus checks, IP check, etc.

The Zero day virus protection & virus definition updation in real time, automatically removes virus before it affects your mails.

Customize anti-spam settings by managing content filters as per organisation policies.

Spam summary email report sent to user’s inbox on every evening, helps to know the recent marked-as-potential spam delivered to Junk folder.

Scan the list for falsely tagged messages & 'Mark-As-Safe' to trains the system. Admin can enable this feature for selected users or for entire domain.

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