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Q.01: How do I see a listing of products I have bought from Rediff Business Solutions?
Q.02: What do you do with my domain registration information?
Q.03: I donít see my domain name(s) on the My Account(s) Summary page. Where are they?
Q.04: I forgot my Rediff username and password. What should I do?
Q.05: How do I manage my domain features?
Q.06: Can I change my domain name?
Q.07: Why do I need a domain name?
Q.08: How do I renew my domain name?
Q.09: What are sub-domains? How many can I create?
Q.10: Can I change the registrant information of a Domain Name?
Q.11: What is Domain Forwarding (CNAME) and how do I forward my domain?
Q.12: Why is my domain forwarding not working?
Q.13: What are DNS Records?
Q.14: Can I edit my DNS records?
Q.15: How do I change the name servers for my domain name?
Q.16: What is Domain assigning (A record)?
Q.17: How do I set an A record?
Q.18: Can I set up multiple A and CNAME records?
Q.19: Why isn't my A record working?
Q.20: What is an MX record?
Q.21: How do I set an MX record?
Q.22: How do I edit or delete MX records?
Q.23: What is Private Registration for my Domain?
Q.24: Why do I need to Private Register my Domain?

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