Security Features

Rediffmail for Work is built on a robust infrastructure that is empowered to securely work with a daily load of over 300 million emails.

Our 6 + PettaByte storage capacity enables our users to swiftly Communicate and Collaborate with their peers with industry grade security.

  • Data hosted in India

    All Rediffmail for Work data resides in India. Our strategically located data infrastructure across seismic zones enables uninterrupted service to our customers.Continuity and maximum uptime are our most valued features.

  • Archival Services for Legal Hold Obligations

    Data archival feature in Rediffmail for Work is designed to meet the organizational legal hold obligations. Our precise archival search is one of the best in the industry, and adds to the efficiency of the audit process.

  • DMARC, ATP and Spearphish guard

    Rediffmail for Work offers extreme email security with it's features like advanced threat protection, outbound DMARC, and spearphish guard. Brand-protection is a key necessity for most of our clients, and our security features help them stay equipped against cyber frauds.

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