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How Mobile has Changed the Way People Use Email?

Long ago telephone was a means of communication to talk to someone if they happened to be at home. In today’s world mobile phones are not only used for multiple activities apart from the traditional phone call but they have become a 24×7 necessity.

This hand held device has completely changed the way we communicate enabling us to send photographs, videos, audio recordings, instant messages to friend and family across the globe.

Mobile technology, from mobile wallets to mobile email to social networking has transformed the way people interact with each other in their personal life as well as at work, within organisations.

They have become such an integral part of modern life today as they grant people a constant connections to the world.

On an average people spend 2 to 3 hours per day of personal time socializing online, however for the 8 to 10 hours we spend at work we find ourselves using “email” as a means of communication most of our time. Email just “works” due to it’s simplicity and mass appeal. With the advent of mobile phones or rather smart phones email is becoming a more powerful tool especially when you are on the go.

It all started with companies providing mobile access to web-mail but device compatibility and subscription charges were a big hindrance back in the year 2008 in India. The email service on mobile kept changing over all these years & still does to improvise and serve us better communication features on the go.

There was a time when one would have to sit in front of a desktop to do his/her work related research or send a photo or video as an attachment through email to someone living abroad. In today’s day & age, smartphones provide the facility of attaching any content – photos, videos, audio recordings etc. through emails & send them even when at lunch.

Now people send work related emails while getting ready for work itself or when they are on a holiday. With the arrival of the “Push Email” feature in mobile phones wherein an email is actively transferred (pushed) as it arrives, life became more hooked on to technology.

Today mobile email has become an integral part of businesses, not only for big corporates but also small & medium enterprises to remote access to emails anytime anywhere. Some of the benefits of mobile email to such businesses include –

  • Greater responsiveness to clients, partners or customers.
  • Improved work life balance for employees.
  • Other benefits include finding new business opportunities on the go as well as work more closely with employers, suppliers, customers and other resources at all times.

If used for the right reasons and in a balanced way, mobile phones & email usage on mobile can reap maximum benefits to any individual using them on the go.