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How to Protect Your Company Data from Theft?

There are many ways by which data can be leaked electronically from a company like writing the data to a DVD or CD, inappropriately printed, copying to pen drive or portable storage device, uploading to shared server. Smart phones which comes with the combination of storage, data access are excellent device for stealing company data, recent smartphones have enormous storage capacity, can access WiFi networks for high data transfer and lot of apps available for email communication, messaging and social network which make data theft ease. Sometimes data theft also happens inadvertently with loss of company laptop or mobile devices.

Data theft through email is on rise as any sensitive data can be emailed instantly to desired email address and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Individual’s identity theft via suspicious e-mail or phishing is one such similar attempt made by fraudulent.

Allowing personal email pose a risk for data theft like sending data out via Gmail is difficult to monitor. As personal email account are beyond the control and scope of corporate investigations. So it is essential to choose a secure business email hosting which provide all features like spam protection, security, administrative privileges to manage and control the user accounts across your company.

Few more preventive ways for protecting data include regular scan of data stored on internal network, access of document based on confidentiality, educating the employee regarding data theft, restrictive use of storage and portable devices, encrypting corporate or business data and use of commercial data loss prevention solution.