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Top 8 things to choosing your Business Email service

Email is the backbone of any business and managing it well has become mission critical for the company. Gone are the days when SMEs fret over their changing email needs and availability of the email solutions that just fit your growing organisational needs. Large organisations no longer considered that on-premise hosted email solutions is the only option for confidentiality, control and better management of mails, and they do realize that it is just a  ‘white elephant solution’. Today with the right cloud based email solutions, businesses Small, Medium or Large  can focus more on their core business than spend time on their email solutions.

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How to proactively protect our business email IDs

Evolution of technology has always kept miscreants busy fishing for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The influx of smart portable devices has only helped scamsters in broadening their activity. Attempts to compromise account credentials have been on an exponential rise. IT managers have been perplexed with situations like spurious login attempts, identity thefts, etc & are looking for proactive protection. IDProtect has been built to protect in real time and act as a shield against most type of access frauds.

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The POP3 IMAP dilemma

Does email jargon confuse you? While configuring your email client, did you have to choose between POP3 and IMAP. Dive in to find out about the differences between them and what suits you best.

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Why Cloud Based Email Solution?

Cloud email solutions provide you with the ability to quickly scale and standardize email functionality. Cloud platform provides all-in-one solutions for email security, archiving, storage and business continuity.

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Backup Before You Pack Up – Press a Few Buttons

Gone are the days where one would file and store things in order such as files, mails etc. while computing …

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Cloud Based Email Hosting – What & Why?

Are you still using a non-web based desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook for your business? If yes, …