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Understanding Email & Collaboration

Teamwork creates human synergy. In today’s age, technology and specifically your Business Email can get teams together, and help them share information and virtual space while working towards a common goal. In this article, we examine in detail some Business Email Collaboration Tools.

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Demystifying Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is used when a hacker targets specific people using a more personalized approach. Spear Phishing attacks can be highly effective, because the perpetrators use tailored language to target each individual. Conventional Anti Spam engines have been successful in fighting mass spam emails as they derive recurring patterns & phishing URLs by using information from previously identified threats. Such techniques are completely ineffective in identifying the ‘one-off targeted Spear Phishing attacks’. Read on to demystify mystery that surrounds threats of Spear Phishing attacks and the approach to mitigate them.

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Protect your domain’s reputation with DMARC

Your brand reputation can be at risk. Cyber criminals can exploit the weaknesses in email security and impersonate your brand to send phishing emails. Thanks to DMARC, you can protect your brand’s identity and keep phishers at bay. Read on to figure out how DMARC works and what is in it for you.

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The POP3 IMAP dilemma

Does email jargon confuse you? While configuring your email client, did you have to choose between POP3 and IMAP. Dive in to find out about the differences between them and what suits you best.