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Why Cloud Based Email Solution?

Cloud email solutions provide you with the ability to quickly scale and standardize email functionality. Cloud platform provides all-in-one solutions for email security, archiving, storage and business continuity.

Getting a Cloud Based Hosted Email Solution for your Business has it’s own advantages –

Enterprise Email Solution provider Experts

Reputed cloud based service providers are those who have been managing email services of large and small corporates since Y2K. Their email platform is built by reputed players from scratch thus they have complete know how of entire email architecture. They are part of many government and technical committees which defines policies regarding email transmission in India.

Robust infrastructure

Hosted Email Service is built with the goal of providing reliable email and messaging services, an appropriate capacity, and redundant components, all hosted within a secure data centre. robust and redundant network infrastructure helps cloud based email provider to deliver mails with minimum latency and ensure up time up to 99.9%.

SPAM control

Messaging anti abuse working group (MAAWG) is an international organization responsible for addressing messaging abuse holistically by knowledge sharing, industry collaboration and public policy. Large players are representative of MAAWG from India and have contributed to address issues relating to SPAM originating from India.

Their multi-layered SPAM filtering mechanisms helps us to filter out up to 99.9% of SPAM messages and known viruses trying to reach user’s inbox.

Enterprise grade admin control

As an administrator of emails on your domain, you can take complete control of email transactions on your domain by defining domain or user level policies and restrictions. The features such as bulk user management, password security policies, mailing to list with controls, branding, global address book sync on outlook 2007 and 2010, etc. are not available with most of the hosted email service providers. You don’t need to certify but does help!

Mail on mobile
With cloud based mobile application which works on most phones, you are able to read your mails, view attachments, respond by replying and forwarding mail. Your actions on the mobile, like replying to a mail, will also be reflected on your PC. Moreover using this application you can get new mail notification on your mobile. On Android phones, you can access your mails even if you are not connected to internet. Using an cell provider for relaying office mails only add another layer of complexity

Customer support
Team of expert customer support executives email and phone based support to their customers. Predefined SLAs with escalation matrix helps the speedy resolution of customer queries. It’s possible to get users to lodge call with cloud based service provider rather than internal helpdesk whose core competency may be limited

And have time limitation in an online world where mails need to work 24*7*365.

Spend s/cost/RoI/licensing/compliance/Capex vs. Opex Cost

Typical cost components of on premise email services in office environment:

  • Cost of Hardware
  • Cost of operating system
  • Cost of storage
  • Cost of power
  • Cost of being compliant
  • Cost of operations manpower
  • Cost of security (antivirus/antispam/ security)
  • Cost of having mail delivered on mobile devices
  • Cost of licensed client software
  • Cost of helpdesk to operate email

In a Cloud based scenario one has to spend only subscription cost which is hundreds of rupees as compared to spending in lakhs (INR).

Only cost could be client software outlook which is normally built in TCO of PC when bought.

Do not get bandied, the way ahead on the road to be taken, is the cloud way. IT dept needs to align with line of business for a fee with a cloud service provider, as there is no such thing as free lunch.