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Backup Before You Pack Up – Press a Few Buttons

Gone are the days where one would file and store things in order such as files, mails etc. while computing to retrieve it later.

Today with blizzard of emails back and forth and polarization of content all over, thanks to cloud email providers IT department need not worry about it end users mails being deleted accidentally or incidentally. Thanks to facility of auto archival and features like background forward, each outgoing and incoming emails can be backed up and restored on demand.

As we become more sophisticated we tend to become less reliable only with process and facility with a rock solid email service provider, IT can be rest assured to meet the compliance and I.T.G.C for business needs, rear view to peep back in time and pull out those exit users mails or errant employees mails, to keep business continuity on and address created issues is fantastic facility. Time taken to store on cloud and restore is in minutes as compared to using traditional backup and archiving system – a great boon to keep the lights only when needed.

Cloud based email provider can provide emails as DR/BCP as a Service to address the Business Objectives of continuity help IT deliver on IT services when business needs it as of yesterday.

Almost 70% of information is stored in email systems of corporate’s. When one has mails on cloud, one can archive, retain and retrieve mails without hassles.

In an organisation, one does not know when the demands come from Top Management to restore that mail box. Hence, a facility provided by hosted email provider of an advanced search & retrieval system helps a lot. Also, it protects your enterprise against any potential litigation by ensuring on-demand discovery of emails.

By Jeevanand

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