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Q.01: What is the address of my web site?
Q.02: When can I start hosting my site?
Q.03: How do I add more server space?
Q.04: How do I renew or extend my hosting package?
Q.05: I want to upgrade? How do I do it?
Q.06: How do I transfer my hosting services from my existing service provider to
Q.07: Do you provide assistance in web design?
Q.08: What scripting languages do you support?
Q.09: Do you support ASP.NET Ajax?
Q.10: What versions of ASP.NET do you support?
Q.11: What emailing components support do I get?
Q.12: Will I get the traffic details of my website?
Q.13: Which SQL database is available on Windows and Linux , is it MS-SQL or MYSQL?
Q.14: What are the database management tools that you provide?
Q.15: How many tables can one create in a database?
Q.16: What are the back-up options provided?
Q.17: Is there a guarantee that my data wont be lost OR is there a backup process of the data?
Q.18: If the duration of my package expires will i get the data stored for the domain,which i booked?
Q.19: Which file types are supported in Windows Hosting?
Q.20: Do you support streaming video?
Q.21: Why is my file being denied?
Q.22: How do I login and work in Plesk control panel?
Q.23: How do I upload my website?
Q.24: How do I upload files using Plesk 'File Manager'?
Q.25: How do I use FileZilla FTP client?
Q.26: Why don't any of the changes show up on my site?
Q.27: Where does one upload the site i.e. in which subdirectory?
Q.28: I am unable to connect using ftp. What should I do?
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